Special Night for Korean War Vets, Widows and Families

On February 18th Korean Veterans, their widows and their families were honored and presented with the book “Korea Reborn – A grateful nation honors war veterans for 60 years of growth” and a pin from the State Commander. More »

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There is a common bond between the men and women who have shared the military experience in battle: a shared sense of duty; a common belief in a cause higher than self. Our nations’ veterans serve willingly and assume the risks of maintaining America’s freedom for all. VFW members uniquely understand individual liberty, our American ideals and beliefs, and the price paid to preserve them. The VFW is exclusively Veterans who served our Country under actual Combat Situations, and is the only Veterans organization where those qualifications apply. Our eligibility extends to United States Combat Veterans of all foreign wars and conflicts involving all the American Armed Forces. We honor our fallen by serving the living in our community, supporting our active duty brothers and sisters, and by vigilance over the heritage bestowed by our veterans who have preceded us into history. … Do you have a relative that served? Honor them and support our veterans… Become a VFW MENS Auxiliary or VFW LADIES Auxiliary Member today!
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